The Community-Clinic in Teshie

Teshie is a fast growing town in the catchment area of the capital Accra. The entire region is growing rapidly. The state cannot keep up with the speed. In the new development areas, there is a lack of public facilities.  But also in the old town a clinic doesn't exist. Up to the year 2010 there was no clinic in Teshie and the medical service was supplied by private doctors surgeries.

The citizens of Teshie have organized themselves and established an association with the name Teshie Mannoyaa Kpee. The aim of the association is to develop the town e.g. by building of health stations and schools. The executives of the Teshie Mannoyaa Kpee consists of educated people with much life-experience and contacts. They have raised funds and have organized workers in order to build a local clinic. Since some years now a health station is operating with the voluntary help of trained doctors and nurses. The health station is poorly equipped and needs renovation.

To relieve the health station and to improve the medical supply the association has decided to built a local clinic that should also be used as midwifery-center. Emigrants from Teshie living in Germany have decided to support their home town. The donations collected by the German-Ghanaian Development Aid Association have been gratefully accepted.

The building was completed in October 2008 and the inauguration was in December 2010. The clinic is running under the direction of the Ghana Health Service.

Thanks to all people that have contributed to the project.