The Community Centre in Partukorpe

Our oldest project is the community centre in Partukorpe, a village near Ada in the Greater Accra Region. about 300 residents live in this village. It is located between Songaw lagune and the Volta River delta. There is neither pipe water nor electricity there. A school is not available.

In consultation with the village people, we have planned a multi-purpose building that can be used by all:

Kindergarten and Nursery School

In the morning, the house will be used as kindergarten and nursery school. The Nursery school is an important instrument in Ghana. It gives the children basic start in schooling. Furthermore the mothers will be unburdened and can use the time for the field work. The harvested vegetable can be sold at the market in the city.

Medical care

Twice in the week a community health nurse will come and use the areas for first aid treatment, examinations and advice on personal and general hygiene
In order to improve the hygienic conditions, a well should be drilled beside the general-purpose-building and a compost-toilet has to be built.

Citizens Centre

In the evening, the building can be used by the village people, the family heads and village council as a meeting place to solve family problems. moreover we have established committee that has the task to administer the project itself and to develop it with our support.

The auxiliary building already stands and is been use as provisional meeting-area and for the storage of construction-material. Meanwhile the foundation walls for the main building has been constructed but still there is a lot of things to be done.

The project is financed from donated-money and from membership dues of the association. Since these means are very limited the project-advance is accordingly very slow. We started with donation from the German organisation One World Rottweil. So far, we have invested approximately 6000, - € for material and wage of the project. The expenses for the organization, trips to the project and telephone bills are not included. These expenses are carried from own private means.

The project stagnates at the moment because there is lack of money for the continuation. In order to proceed and to bring the project to a successful end we must apply for public funds.

Which Effect does the Project have on the People?

It is difficult, to change the habits of the grown-ups. The life in this secluded village follows the ancient traditions. The influences from outside advances only gradually into this village. Long-term, changes in the in the village will be establisched through:

  • Improvement of the hygienic conditions.
  • Medical care and health education.
  • Better life perspective for the children through school education and profession.

We believe to reach a better goal if we concerntrate in introducing to the children school education, health education, and occupation. Also some of the grown-ups have already realized that one has an advantage, if one can read and write. They will like to send their children to school, however not all the parents can afford the normal school fees. Also it is a very long distance to the next school it is hours-long foot-march.

In order to motivate the inhabitants of the village into the project, we have established a committee in the village and the committee will be responsible for the organization and the utilization of the Community Centre.