Modenbolo is a word in the local
language Ga and means:
"We do our best

Who we are ?

The German-Ghanaian development aid association was established 1993 from Ghanaians living in Kiel and was registered in Kiel district court under the number VR 3626 with the name Ga-Adanme culture-union e.V.. The founding members were all immigrants from the Greater Accra region. Immigrants from other parts of Ghana wanted a change of name before joining because they felt neglected, therefore the association was renamed German-Ghanaian development aid association. Our association is open not only for Africans but also for everybody that is interested in African culture and way of life.

What are our goals?

The aim of the association is to help to improve in the long-term the development in the rural area of Ghana through help to self-help.
Furthermore, the association works on the integration of immigrants from Africa in the society of the Federal Republic of Germany. We try to promote the integration through different bases, like cultural events, cooperation with the Intercultural weeks in Kiel, educational-offers and information-work

With whom does the association work together?

The association is a member of the "Bündnis Entwicklungspolitischer Initiativen (B.E.I.)", and has been working for years with the Department for Migration of the city of Kiel. The association participates in the celebration of the Intercultural Weeks in Kiel (the opening - and ending festival) and its own events (Africa-day). moreover participates in events with migration background (AKA-Fest) with info-stands and African specialities.

Our self-organized school-project „What do you know about Africa“ get financial support from the authorities of Kiel and BINGO lotto.
We participate actively in the school-project "Global School", that is organized by the B.E.I.
The SBB (foundation for vocational training) has supported us e.g. in layouting and printing of flyers and has built donating boxes in form of little houses.

Our partner in Teshie/Ghana is the local self-help association Teshie Mannoyaa Kpee.

The German-Ghana Aid Association in Teshie/Ghana is a NGO that was founded to generate funds from Germany and other countries or other organizations to build boreholes, schools, and other social amenities for the communities.

Help a Child to Save a Nation is a NGO running a foster home in Teshie that supports children in need.

The Queenswood School in Morley/Leeds is the partner school of the Kindergarten and primary school Bethel Bridge Int. School in Teshie/Ghana.


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