How to help

How can we achieve the concrete help needed?

  • Through money donations to the association.
    This allows to buy the building materials and to pay the workers.

    Our bank account in Germany:
    Deutsch-Ghanaischer Entwicklungshilfeverein e.V.
    Deutsche Bank, Kiel
    Bank code: 210 700 24
    Account No.:1351576

    Foreign account in Ghana
    Bethel Bridge International School
    Standard Chartered Bank, Accra. Osu Branch, Oxford Street
    Account No.: 9351535430300, SWIFT-Code SCBLGHAC

    We assure that your donation will be fully invested in our projects. All members of the association are voluntary workers.

  • Internships and volunteer operations in schools and hospitals.
    The German-Ghanaian development aid association has organized several internships for pupils and students at schools in Teshie and hospitals in Accra. A retired female teacher has taughed in a school in Teshie a year free of charge (thank you Renate!).
    We make a detailed briefing befor travelling and make contacts for cheap acccomodation, and cheap caretakers for cooking, washing, shopping and escort services.
    In Patukorpe / Ada at the moment practical courses are not to be recommended for Europeans due to the climatic and hygienic conditions.

  • Donations
    The mains supply in Teshie is very poor, nearly every day the power fails for many hours. A normal schedule of work in the office is not possible and also IT-based lessons. To make the school independent from public power sources solar panels and dc/ac converters are needed.

    Also our school and office equipment is poor. We need computers – preferably laptops due to the power situation – for the IT-lessons, printers and a photocopying machine.

    Many of our pupils don't have school books because their parents cannot pay. We need all kind of teaching aids and school books likewise classroom furniture.

    For the Health Station in Patukorpe / Ada is a solar power generator useful.

  • Active participation in the association and help in organising
    The German-Ghanaian development aid association organizes its projects even with volunteer activities in order to be able to achieve the main effective help.
    We need help to apply for subsidies, information work such as updating the website or managing school Projects.